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Abgx360 is designed to verify the integrity of copies of Xbox 360 games before burning them. Continue reading to learn more about the key features of abgx360 and how to use the software.

What is abgx360?

Abgx360 defines the authenticity of Xbox 360 ROM and ISO files by performing an audit of the game data, which entails scanning the image file and detecting any errors. The software then corrects any errors found and may add protection if needed, so that you don't need to worry about security when playing them.

What are the key features of abgx360?

  • Patch your games: abgx360 is the ultimate tool for patching Xbox 360 ISOs and Stealth Files. It allows you to verify, patch and repair your Xbox 360 games backups. It patches the topology date of your files, whilst making sure that the data is fully up-to-date. It does so by comparing your backup to the best available backups of the same game in an online database.
  • Rebuild: Once the audit is complete and when any errors encountered are repaired, abgx360 will proceed to rebuild the ISO file in the most optimal way possible. You can now safely go ahead and burn the game to a disc and start playing it on your Xbox 360 console.
  • Autofix: If you are not quite sure about the desired parameters to be used during the verification process, you can use the AutoFix function. This consists of a number of presets. Each of them has a description of what it does.
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How does abgx360 work?

In order to verify the integrity of the game data, this tool scans the ISO file, or the folder where the backup files of your Xbox 360 game are located. There are numerous verification parameters that you can choose from. When you are ready to start the process, simply click on the Launch button and abgx360 will make the magic happen. 

Is it free?

You can install and use abgx360 completely free of charge.