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EasyBCD is a reliable and versatile utility to configure your Boot Configuration Data and create multi-boot environments easily, set up bootable devices, and tweak your boot settings. Thanks to its simple interface and thorough guides, it will make you save lots of time.

What is EasyBCD?

EasyBCD is a Windows solution developed by NeoSmart Technologies to configure and tweak your computer's Boot Configuration Data (BCD). The BCD is a boot database introduced in Windows Vista and used in all subsequent Windows releases. Hence, you can easily create a multi-boot environment through the different tools and settings, as well as all kinds of bootable devices.

What are the key features of EasyBCD?

  • Boot everything: EasyBCD can easily handle Windows, Linux, macOS, and even BSD so that you can add additional boot entries for any OS. In addition, it allows you to boot from and into USB drives, virtual disks, ISO images, and more.
  • Edit easily: You can dynamically add, rename, configure, remove, and reorder entries the way you want.
  • Boot anywhere: As you can make bootable USB sticks, it is ideal for creating dedicated USB sticks with repair utilities to carry anywhere. That way, you can instantly fix any issue.
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  • Anticipate and protect: It is also possible to create entries to boot into recovery utilities or safe mode in case something goes wrong.
  • Script: Using NeoGrub, you can script and configure advanced and complex boot scenarios by hiding partitions, changing active flags, and more.
  • BCD: The program also enables you to back up and restore BCD (Boot Configuration Data). The user must save them in a destination file and browse through it to restore them when needed. It is also possible to edit BCD on different disks.

How to use EasyBCD?

You will find all the relevant resources on the official website's knowledge base, such as viewing entriesadding entriesrenaming entries, or how to set up dual boot for different operating systems:

Is EasyBCD free?

To get a free version of this program, you need to register. The full license price is $29.95.

Is EasyBCD safe?

Yes, EasyBCD is considered safe to use.