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Adobe's Photoshop is a very intuitive program that provides you with numerous features that allow image editing and manipulation. No wonder that it is now number one on the graphics editing market. Nevertheless, the program is very expensive and remains unaffordable for some home users. Also, due to copyright infringement laws, cracks and keygens are illegal of use to get free versions of the program.

Fortunately, there efficient and free alternate graphic editing programs available online. They also bear the advantage of being compatible with various operating systems.

Behemot Graphic Editor

Behemot Graphic Editor is a graphic software that operates under Windows 3.1/95/NT and Linux. The program allows image editing and manipulation for b-rep, blob and NURBS models.

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The Gimp is a GNU Image Manipulation Program and can be used for photo retouching, image composition and image authoring. This program runs under Unix and Windows operating systems.

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Image Well

Image Well is an image editor that runs under a Mac operating system and provides the user with a number of useful and intuitive features: rename the image, rotate it, adjust the size and compression amount, add a watermark, and send the adjusted image right back out to any number of preset locations, or just drag and drop it to wherever you want it.

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Pixen is a free graphic editor that is mainly used for pixel-based illustration and animation. The major features include layers capabilities, animation features, a tile view, and features for working with restricted palettes among many more. The software runs under a Mac OS X operating system.

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VCW VicMan's Photo Editor 8.1

A free program allowing you to modify and enhance your images. It provides you with several tools, including filters to add effects to your images.
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