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So my problem is a bit interesting. After sifting forum after forum for a solution and trying a bunch, I still came up with the same issue. In the shortest way to explain as possible, my E and V keys are malfunctioning. Sometimes they are both operating fine, while other times they are both not operable. NEVER does this issue occur in just the E key, nor the V key. The issue also does not appear to be related to usage because it occurs at random, sometimes as soon as turning my computer on and sometimes as late as after typing an essay for a good hour. Still frequent enough to give me a hard time. When the problem occurs, it ALWAYS happens in both keys. An odd thing I have come across is that if I do a two letter combination, such as pressing W+E simultaneously to make WE while the issue is occurring, it still outputs "we". Yet, I press E by itself right after, and nothing is outputted. Not sure why pressing the keys together allows for the letter E to be outputted, but this method sure has created a less-than-ideal short-term solution for doing written work of any sort. Anyway, can anyone help me out please? I would not like to send my computer to be serviced, however if it must be done, it will be done (Still under warranty).

I will now list some basic computer specifications along with the solutions I have tried.

Model: MSI Apache Pro GE62 Laptop
OS: Windows 10
Time Owned: ~1 year
Attempted Solutions
1. Cleaning beneath the keys.
2. Removing power adaptor, shutting off PC, draining/removing battery, then reloading PC.
3. Uninstalling Keyboard drivers and restarting PC.
4. Remapping keys.
5. Scanning for malware.
6. Checking for applications which may hinder input/output of keystrokes.
7. Legitimately just turning the damn thing on and off again a million times.
8. Calling MSI Tech Support (L O L)
9. Searching forums endlessly with no avail.
10. Updating drivers and system software.
11. Use the Troubleshooter to identify issues.
12. Using on-screen keyboard to check for similar issues(does not show the same issue ever).

Alright, I think that's about it. I take pretty good care of my computer and have never dropped it, nor spilled anything on it which may have caused mechanical failure. Please help. With E being the most commonly used letter in the English language, you can only imagine the frustration I went through typing this shit. Any input is appreciated! (Especially input that outputs the letter E) (pls put the gun down, I know it was a terrible joke) Thanks!

If you need me to provide further specifications, please ask! I am more than willing to provide what is necessary to get my damn two keys working again.
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Nov 15, 2017 at 06:55 AM
Thank you

One thing that you have not tried is an external keyboard. If the issue doesn't occur with the external keyboard, considering all that you have tried, you should have the keyboard replaced.

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Thank you

So I have the same problem with my MSI GT72R 6RD DOMINATOR, at it slowly and slowly got worse until they were unusable. It seems to be an MSI problem, and now I'm regretting getting this laptop, but this started to occur about 1 year and 2 months after I bought it until the keys stopped working entirely about 3 months later. (NOTE:L ALT also does not work for me) I just wanted to know if you found a solution or if an external keyboard work. I thought I was the only one with this problem, noticing how there needed to be 2 keys to be pressed to use the letter E or V or R ALT. Please reply back if you can, even though I'm late.

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Thank you
so i realize this is a bit late, but hold down a button this is useless and does nothing to mess u up and then press a E or V because that actually helps it
What I do is i basically just make something homemade that holds down a useless button and then i can just type normally like so. This is great if you dont feEl like buying a whole new laptop, mine costs 1.5k and it was on a discount atm so i had to improvise, plus im 13 so i cant really just explain this to my dad or he'll think im just saying this or whatever so

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