Levovo laptop failing to boot. [Closed]

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Every week or after 2 weeks, when i shutdown my laptop and try to power it on the next day, it doesnt power on. The link lights on the F1 and F4 buttons just stay on, my laptop freezes with a black screen and I can't hard reset it. The only way laptop works again is when i open it, remove the internal batthery and then reconnect it. Is there a permanent fix to this problem? The laptop i am currently using is a Lenovo X240.

Your urgent assistance to this matter shall be highly appreciated.

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NO. If the lights are blinking, then you have an intermittent loose connection. How long have you had the machine?

Almost clocking 3 years. What's your advice?
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Handle with care! Unless you are prepared to take the machine apart to look for loose connections, failed soldering points, or flakey components, be as gentle as you can with it!

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