HDD suddenly not recognized by bios

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Wednesday January 24, 2018
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So Today I was playing a game then I copied some files from my C driver to another HDD and then I played the game again then I pressed "Esc" and pressed "Quit Game", this game was installed on C Drive and suddenly my pc monitor is all red with no texts at all and keyboard has frozen so I pressed the power button in my cpu to restart to see that I got a black screen after bios logo says that there is no operation system click any key to continue it was a loop because my windows 10 was installed on the drive that disappeared from bios, I entered Bios and noticed that there is only 2 HDD of my 3 HDD I tried to restart several times but still nothing only 2 HDD in Bios boot options, I tried unplugging the two of my HDD and my CD Rom and left the one that has windows on it connected, then I booted up again to see in bios that there is no HDD's showing now at all even the one I left plugged, I tried to remove and put cmos battery after 10 min but still nothing appeared, then I removed the HDD from the PC to see if there is clicking noise coming from it or if it's spinning, I connected it from outside of the cpu, When I power the pc on the hard spin normally with no clicking but with "zz" sound every 15 sec I've been hearing this noise for quite a while and the pc was running normally, I suppose it's the inner fan?, that's it the hard drive was running normally for 2 years now and I had the software "Hard drive sentinel" installed in my windows and all of my HDD's are healthy with no problems, what can I do next? can I recover the data back or the drive it self? it can not be that in a second a healthy hard drive just failed out of nowhere. I

My Motherboard Model is: Gigabyte b85-hd3
HDD model: WD10EZEX 1TB
OS: Windows 10 redstone2

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Thank you
It appears your hard disk has failed and needs to be replaced. the zzz.. sound was probably periodic error recovery as the hard disk has no internal fan.

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