Victoria HDD/SSD free for PC

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  • Developer Sergei Kazanskij
  • Version 5.37
  • License Freeware
  • Language en

Victoria SSD/HDD is a very powerful and efficient diagnostic solution for HDD and SSD drives. In a few words, it's a toolbox you can use to scan, analyze, repair, and protect all kinds of pieces of data from your storage devices.

What is Victoria SSD/HDD?

Victoria SSD/HDD is an information and diagnostics software capable of benchmarking, scanning, analyzing, and repairing most of the available HDD/SSD drives. Even though some of its features may require technical knowledge, the software can be very useful for less advanced users as well.

What are the key features of Victoria SSD/HDD?

  • Interface: The program has an intuitive interface with various easy-to-use tools that allow you to configure and customize the app's functions to suit your needs.
  • Scan: The program features a powerful scanner that allows you to diagnose the drive for faulty areas, floating defects, and interface errors. When a problem is detected, solutions are suggested, and you can choose to ignore, remap, restore, or even erase the errors.
  • Benchmark: Victoria can test most disks at maximum speed, regardless of their type. A special feature of the scanner is the use of algorithms for automatically setting timeouts and block size, which allows you to test both slow and fast disks efficiently.
  • Security: Victoria SSD/HDD protects your documents and files by monitoring the drives' performance status and performing superficial scans to detect possible issues.
  • Clean: Victoria can clear all the information stored on your disks at maximum speed.
  • Recover: The software allows you to access lost files on your hard drive.
  • Extract metadata: Victoria SSD/HDD can also quickly extract all the information about your devices, such as their model number, features, total storage size, and more.
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How to use Victoria SSD/HDD?

Once downloaded and installed, you need to grant permissions to the app and run it as administrator. You will then be able to start a global analysis of the hard drive of your choice. As the scan process goes on, Victoria SSD/HDD will suggest specific solutions to address certain issues, and you will have the possibility to ignore, reassign, restore, or delete the errors. It is also possible to configure the program to perform a more thorough analysis, although this requires more advanced technical knowledge.

Is it free?

Yes, Victoria SSD/HDD is free to use.

Is it safe?

Yes, 64 different antiviruses certify that Victoria SSD/HDD is a safe program.