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I made an Excel form for colleagues to enter data in a sheet in rows.
I made a second form on wich other colleagues need to find a 6 digit number(order number) from that data base and than add the status in 2 or 3 empty cells in the same row as were the order number is. More over they need some text boxes in this form that fill automaticaly be filled with data in that same row as were the order number is to let them change the status.

I am not an expert in VBA and Excel Forms but do have a lot of patients :-)

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This is the first time I'm trying to create a form in Excel. I read your message and I'm trying to do the same - creating a form for colleagues to enter data which goes into rows in a spreadsheet. I would also like to allow them to search for the data, edit previous records etc.

Would it be ok for you to share your code with me?

Thanks very much in advance.

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