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Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet editor used worldwide both at work and at home. It offers a simple and flexible interface, thousands and thousands of formulas and features, graphing tools, and much more.

What is Microsoft Excel?

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet editor created by Microsoft in the early stages of software development and is still one of the most popular editors of its genre. Over the years, it has improved in many ways to provide a great user experience with many tools and automation to save time, process lots of different kinds of data, and produce reliable and consistent results.

What are the key features of Microsoft Excel?

  • Copilot: Copilot is the next super-powerful AI-powered Microsoft assistant that will drastically change your workflow. As it can combine the power of large language models with your data in Microsoft Excel, it can seamlessly turn any of your queries into practical data. For example, you can ask Copilot, "Which products were the most profitable this quarter?", "How does our best-seller compare to the competition?", or anything else, and it will automatically compute your request with your data and produce graphs, tables, and more. In a few words, let the AI work for you, and save valuable time for what truly matters: results.
  • Spreadsheet editor: With Excel, you will be able to manipulate simple to very complex spreadsheets. Easily store and process all the data you need, and automate data computing using simple or advanced formulas, conditional formatting, graphing tools, pivot tables, etc. You can also use data validation to restrict the possible values in cells, use automatic color formatting to make sure you can quickly have a look at what you want, and more. 
  • Consistency: Excel can also notify you when it detects formula errors or inconsistencies so that you can easily spot and fix them.
  • Multiple sheets: You can create several sheets and still use formulas across sheets or documents. Everything is where it belongs, and your work stays organized.
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  • Charts: Manipulating data is valuable, but making the results easily comprehensive is crucial. Thanks to all the different kinds of customizable charts, you will quickly be ready to make your results more relevant. There are just so many types of available charts that you will always find the one that better fits your needs.
  • Collaboration: Thanks to all the collaborative tools, you can easily collaborate and work with other people. You can insert comments and notes that can be reviewed later and marked as resolved. You can also switch to Reviewing mode and track changes so that other people can see what modifications you suggested and then either accept them or not. It truly offers what you need when it comes to collaborative features. Another essential feature is the ability to switch to online mode to make your document shareable with other people.
  • Macro: Excel is about automation, data processing, and formulas. You can also create your processing routines using the Visual Basic editor and directly program and create macros to automate repetitive or very particular tasks. There is no limit to what you can achieve if you start programming in Excel.
  • Import and export: Microsoft Excel is also compatible with various other formats as you can import or export your creation from or to many different formats. It makes Excel a very versatile and cross-format piece of software.
  • Auto-saving and synchronization: If you activate synchronization, the software automatically saves your file when you edit it. You will never lose your work anymore. You can also save your data to the cloud so that you can retrieve it and modify on-the-fly no matter what supported device you use.
  • Data scanning: Featuring state-of-the-art data scanning, you can use your camera to import data into a project and automatically convert it to Excel data. You no longer need to manually convert what you need, take a picture, import, and be ready to work.

How to use Microsoft Excel?

You can find valuable courses online, as well as Copilot's explanation in this video or in this article.

  1. Open Microsoft Excel and create a new project under File > New.
  2. The standard page layout is divided into three main parts. The top is where all the toolbar elements are available. The center is where you will find your current spreadsheet, and the bottom is where you can add and remove spreadsheets from your project.
  3. If you want to save your work, you can do it under File > Save. If you want to export your project to another file format, you can do it under File > Save as and select the appropriate format, including PDF, XPS, HTML, XLSX, etc.

Is Microsoft Excel free?

What you will get here is a 1-month demo as you can acquire Microsoft Excel either by purchasing an Office license or by subscribing to a Microsoft 365 plan:

  • The Office license is sold as a one-time purchase, but you have to pay up-front and have no upgrade option, which means that you will have to pay at full price if you want to upgrade to a new major release.
  • The Microsoft 365 plan includes all the up-to-date Microsoft Office software in a single seamless, integrated experience. It also offers extra online storage and advanced collaboration features. With Microsoft 365, you no longer have to worry about using the latest version of your office software. Also, depending on your needs, Microsoft provides different plans for Microsoft 365, including Personal and family, Business, Enterprise, and Education. You can consult all the plans on Microsoft's official website.
  • Microsoft Excel is also available for free as a web app for any Microsoft mail account you create, but it is not fully featured.

Is Microsoft Excel safe?

Yes, Microsoft Excel is considered a safe-to-use solution. However, it can use some of your data like any other Microsoft software. You can check the privacy policy.

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