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 Tobez -
Hello, i have an major problem!
When i start my computer my Screen show "No Signal" i have tried exactly everything, unplug each drive and such.
My Power Supply went dead today, so i bought a new one, and when i started it up it showed "No Signal" from the screen.
Whats the problem ?

As i mentioned above, i have tried to unplug everything one by one, and everything at once aswell, i think its the motherboard but i wanna know if someone belives that aswell ?

Many Thanks /// Tobez

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The problem comes from maybe your ram memory modules or your graphic card!!
I have tried 3diffrent graphic cards, all ATI AGP!! with same result :(
forgot to mention, bought a new ram today aswell with the power supply, tried to change to the old one back again but still the same problem, oh... had the same problem when i was at a friends place for a LAN party a few weeks back, we solved it, but this time the stuff we did didnt work as it did back then :(