Vlook to return data into another worksheet

meevans - Jun 14, 2009 at 01:50 PM
 meevans - Jun 15, 2009 at 11:22 AM
I have two worksheets that I use to track business donations (see below)

columnA Column c
Busines Name Amount Donated
ABC 25
Fred 100
Jones 50

I would like to lookup the value in Column C, then place the value (name of company) into another worksheet (example below)

Contributors Breakdown - this worksheet is used to track the three levels of contributors. (My original sheet has numerous contributors so I may this is small for example purposes)

Column A Column B Column C
$25 - Blue $50-Green $100-$Gold
ABC Co Jones Co Fred Co

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That will not work, I'm wanting to capture information from one worksheet (where the donation amounts are recorded) to another worksheet under the column heading according to their donation amount. For example: In the second worksheet, I have 6 levels of donations ($25, $50, $150, $300,$500, $1,000+). Based on the information recorded on the first worksheet, I want it to display under the correct donation level.

Worksheet #1 - All contributors listed with their donation amount, address etc
Workshett #2 - 6 categories list at top, NEED amount the contributor donated under the correct column according to their donation made.

I believe what I need is the ability to lookup all the donations on worksheet #1 and if the contributor has donated $500, it would automatically list their company name under the column for $500 givers in worksheet #2

Hope that makes sense.
copy the data in sheets2 and then highlglight the data in sheet2 and sort according to column A ASCENDING