How to check T-Mobile data balance: online, app

How to check T-Mobile data balance: online, app

Checking your data usage can help you to avoid additional fees and will ensure that you always have phone service when you need it. Luckily, T-Mobile offers you three ways to stay on top of your plan's usage of text, calls, and data. If T-Mobile is your mobile service provider, this article will explain how to check your usage on the T-Mobile website, on the T-Mobile App, or by calling short codes.

How to check usage online?

T-Mobile allows you to check their usage online from the My T-Mobile website. To get started, go to My T-Mobile and log in with your account details. Next, go to Usage, and select View all usage details. If you only want a certain period, find the Date field and enter the date range that you are interested in.

How to view usage on the T-Mobile app?

The best way to check your usage is from the mobile app. T-Mobile guarantees that the most up-to-date information is available here. If you have not downloaded the app, you can find the version for iPhone here and the version for Android here. To check your usage, open the T-Mobile app, go to Bill, and then, select See all usage. Here, you will find your data, messages, minutes, and mobile hotspot usage.

N.B. Android users can also track the data used by the T-Mobile app.

How to use short codes to check usage?

To check your data usage with short codes via phone, T-Mobile provides 4 distinct codes from which you can choose depending on the information that you would like to request. These codes should be dialed from the T-Mobile device for which you are requesting data.

To check your data usage, enter #WEB# or #932# and press call. To check your text message usage, enter #MSG# or #674# and press call. To check your remaining minutes, enter #MIN# or #646# and press call. Lastly, if you are using a device with prepaid minutes, dial #999# and press call to check the remaining balance.

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