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frends .,.,.,this is Bhavna.,,who wants a help from u al.,.,.i hope u wil surely help me out.,
actually.,.,while chatting on yahoo i cud only hear the sound of the person speaking opposite 2 me.,,.,but my voice is not audible to the other person.,.,.,i dont know why does it happens.,,and i m unable 2 get a solution to this problem of mine.,,.
i m at a learning stage.,,.,and do not know much about computers hardware,.,,
please give me a solution for it as chatting by writing is more time consuming and a wastage of enormous time and energy especially for a student like me.,.,
i dont not know how to activate the speaker of my headphone and
also after recording my voice and saving it.,.,.even then my voice is not audible to me when i play it
thanks frends

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Dear Bhavna,

You will have to verify your sound input and output settings on yahoo messenger.

Sign in yahoo then click on Messenger then Preferences

Select callin devices

just select your sound card model there!

Then click on Actions, select call setup just do the sound tests there..

If the problem persists just use another mic!