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Jen - Jul 11, 2009 at 01:29 PM
 Pam - Jul 13, 2009 at 05:59 PM

This section is for webmastering so why not ask webmastering questions or offer information that might be helpful? What about helpful sites, ideas, and even things to warn people?

What about color and design? Logos and Banners? CSS tips? HTML and PHP? Website vs Forum? Search Engine Optimization for traffic? Graphic Design for templates, layouts, and Logos? You know the deal :)

I'd like to start off with the best place for anyone interested in learning programming specifications, guidelines, software, and tools for web pages to check out The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)

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Here is one tip for all of those looking to get rich quick-- NOT-- there is no such thing. I just wanted to post this warning so you all reading this never fall for all the hype.

There are several programs-systems going around that use the Google name (in someway or another). These websites have information that promise to show you how to make hundreds or even thousands of dollars in one month with Pay Per Click systems. People that are down on their luck might find this very attractive and they want to give it a try so they pull out the credit/debit cards and order the item. Later they realize their not making the money and that their credit cards are being charged again, and again, and AGAIN. They freak out because they never agreed such a thing (they think they didn't) and they call it a scam!

Sadly it was them that typed in their own credit card info, but they failed to read the Terms or research the company first. Many of these terms state that once you make the purchase you are agreeing to allowing the program-system to take monthly payments from your credit/debit cards. It is then when you realize something is wrong because your credit card or bank is sending you letters that you're over their limit, and they hit you up with all the associated fees that comes with it. If you cancel the credit/debit card, the company can start collections on you because YOU AGREED. The point here is to warn you all about those advertisements you see with the checks showing people making $150.00 a week, or $5,000.00 a month just by setting up a simple blog or website. If this was possible everyone would be a website owner and rich.

If you have been a victim please by all means do a search for the program/system at and post your complaints. The more that complain (legit complaints) it could alert the right people to step in (legal help) and you just may get the company to freely give you back your money and fees.

Be Safe and Good Luck
I did follow a cool tutorial here on how to custom design for a web page layout and use it in my corel graphic program and my html editor to make my site. I knew nothing about web design or these programs and was happy. You might like it and then got a discount on my host there or I think it was there I just had to use a code.

Anyway does anyone know how to make polls for their websites? I do not know what I can trust out there so any tips would be great.