Valheim tips and tricks: for beginners, 2022

Valheim tips and tricks: for beginners, 2022

Valheim is a survival game to play alone or with up to 10 friends online. This third-person RPG may be quite demanding for beginners. It is a mix of sandbox games like Minecraft or Terraria with a Skyrim gameplay and set in the 10th Norse World, a world inspired by the Viking culture. Wandering through inhospitable fields, forests, and icy mountains, get ready to encounter peculiar creatures, delivering powerful blows.

How to optimize your chances?

Listen to the crow that appears at the very beginning of the game. It will give you some advice about the game and its progression system - don't ignore them and read the runes etched in the stones! With these indications, you will know the properties of the objects to be unlocked. As a survival game, it integrates many common elements of the genre, such as crafting and workbench, resource mining and a skill tree, and randomly generated maps. Explore and persist! With a little rest, life can be restored automatically.

Who is Valheim?

Valheim is a dead Viking warrior, sent to the mythological purgatory of the icy Nordic lands. There, he confronts various creatures some of which are docile, but most of them are treacherous and infamous. Remember: you will die again.

How to get through the first night: take care of your resistance bar

You will need two things - stamina and some rest. This can save your life, especially if you are alone. On the screen, on the left, there are two bars: a stamina bar and a hunger bar. Pay attention, food can be very close and, remember, what will nourish you the most is the cooked meat. The boar is easy to hunt from the very beginning, even if your weapons are rudimental or used. Fire and utensils are also a necessity - be creative and pay attention to the icons and symbols on the screen. And above all, do not let the food turn into coal. Cooking time for neck tail is 20s, for raw meat it’s 25s, for raw fish - 30s, and lastly, lox meat takes 60s to cook.

Tips: If you eat while staying dry (for example, in a shelter), your stamina score will increase more quickly, and will even get you some bonuses. Try to maintain a balanced diet of three meals a day. In addition to the mentioned food, eating yellow mushrooms will increase your vitality. And if you notice an open eye, watch out, you've been discovered, the animals will run away.

Find the three essential elements for survival: resin, wood, and stones

The resin comes from wood, so it's easy to find (just cut small bushes), but it also kills monsters. Keep in mind that dwarves yield resin, wood, and axes (flint axes), also look for white stones near the water.

Build a bench and create artefacts

Now, it is time to build a bench and a shelter. First, you should build the bench, as it is necessary to be within its perimeter to be able to build things. First, you will need a Hammer. It has an interaction key, use it. Then you will need a hoe to flatten the ground. Hitting, cutting and flattening are basic survival activities. The bench is essential, so it will be necessary to upgrade it with auxiliary items next to it.

There are several bench levels:

  • Level 1: the standard wooden bench.
  • Level 2: chopping block, made from wood and flint.
  • Level 3: tanning rack, made from wood, flind, leather scraps, and deer hide.
  • Level 4: adze, made from fine wood and bronze.
  • Level 5: tool shelf, made from iron, fine wood, and obsidian.

Take care of the structural integrity of the shelter: the game uses a color system to indicate it: blue for the longest lasting, the red ones have a high risk of falling apart. Be smart and see if you can take advantage of the resources you find.

If your hammer breaks and you don't know what to do: open the menu and click on the hammer tool icon, this will repair it, along with the other ones that are damaged.

In Case you Die

Relax, this is inevitable at some point! If you die, return to the place that is marked on the map and collect as much of your stuff as you can by clicking on the headstone. But first, you need to claim the place - click on the respawn location on the map. Quickly kill more animals, upgrade weapons and make protective clothing.


The basic skills are jumping and running, blocking, cutting (sharp objects) and they should level-up quickly. Remember that is the effort that will help you progress. Also, don't forget that it is essential to kill birds and wild boar to make arrows and skins. You have to win trophies and defeat trolls.

Valheim must be able to face any type of creature. Be smart and train yourself at dodges and defense. Create strategies to attack large and small animals (such as the frog-like creatures called Necks), as well plants (Greylings), for example. Do not underestimate bosses, as it is killing the first one that will allow you to progress and unlock items.

Tip: hide weapons with the R key and use them at the right time by clicking the same key.


Many biomes will surround your bench - for example, a black forest and a peaceful countryside - that hide the first challenges to face. If you are not a good observer and do not know how to use your crafts, you will not be able to pass. All sorts of creatures (from skeletons to trolls) are lurking from behind a hill or an ancient log. On the other hand, it is on these maps that you will find copper and tin (then you need the pickaxe for this, achieved after killing the first boss).

It is in the dark forest that you can get a fishing rod to implement your diet. It is sold by a seller inside it, however it only appears randomly/

What you should aim for?

It is, without a doubt, to kill the first boss! Why, you ask? Because it unlocks the pick that is very important to progress in the game. You have to invoke it but to do this, you need two deer trophies for sacrifice. 

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