Hades guide: tips and tricks

Hades guide: tips and tricks

The video game developer Supergiant Games blew our minds with their new proposal: Hades. Some were lucky enough and had the chance to closely experience the various development cycles of this gem and tested the game before its official release in late 2018. This new video game has awakened the passionate fans of the Roguelike genre. For connoisseurs, the staging,


In Greek mythology, Hades refers to the underworld, the kingdom of the dead, as well as to the lord who ruled it. This is why the setting of the game corresponds to the underworld, and it is precisely from that place that our character is trying to escape.

The goal of the protagonist, Zagreus (Hades’ son) is to reach Mount Olympus, home of the Olympian gods and ruled by Zeus (Hades’ brother). Zagreus has been exiled from this place, and his future is unclear.

As we try to face our destiny, we will stumble upon numerous references to Greek mythology such as places, landscapes, creatures... and many other characteristics that you will have to discover for yourself!

During each run, we will find new secrets and surprises that will make Hades a place that we actually don’t want to leave!

Tricks and Tips

Here's a list of tips and tricks for Hades:

  • Use Athena boons to pick deflections, it is vital to be able to deflect projectiles and damages.
  • Unlock the Owl Pendant from Athena as soon as possible by offering the goddess a Nectar. Use it to get Athena boon in early game.
  • Be curious, and pick weapons that give you +20% of darkness, it can be combined with the ability to restore health based on how much darkness you collect (available from The Mirror of Night).
  • No matter what, when you can pick a Daedalus Hammer, choose it as it will always offer a more powerful upgrade than any other boon.
  • Don't be afraid of Chaos boons, it is almost always worth losing some life (avoid it before bosses though).
  • Take your time and observe all the enemies, great players may seem to always dash but that's because they know exactly when to strike or not. Understand your opponents, move wisely, and you will progressively learn how to defeat them all.
  • In this game dying is not always a bad thing. In fact, depending on your strategy it may even be convenient.
  • Note that there are some permanent and temporary items that you lose when you die. Especially in the beginning, you should pay attention to the permanent items.
  • If you have just started the game, we recommend that you prioritize the collection of Chthonic keys. They will help you to unlock some interesting items and additional upgrades.
  • If you make a mistake while upgrading your abilities, you should know that you can reset your Mirror of Night improvements in exchange for Chthonic keys.
  • Don’t be afraid to spend money on improvements. You will soon discover that you won’t lack coins in this game.
  • We recommend that you unlock the Shield of Chaos as soon as possible. It is very versatile.
  • The game's "hell mode" will make everything more complicated - if you have difficulty moving forward, you can always switch to "god mode".
  • Try to talk to all the characters you meet, even those who do not have a dialogue box above their heads. In fact, you may even be interested in giving them a gift, you never know what they can offer you in return!
  • The three most powerful resources you can obtain by defeating a boss are Diamonds, Titan blood, and Ambrosia.
  • Do not rush through the game to achieve victory - the key to this is to gradually experiment with abilities, weapons, etc.
  • Change your keepsakes often.
  • The symbols on the rooms’ doors offer different rewards, so you will have to think about which one is the best for you at that moment.
  • We also recommend that you invest in another one of the most powerful weapons: the Daedalus Hammer.
  • The movement capacity of our character can be the key to overcoming certain obstacles. Do not put it aside.
  • Get Titan blood, a resource that can be obtained via bounties. To achieve this you will not always have to change your enemy, but your weapon.
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