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Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, often referred to as MLBB, is a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game designed for smartphones and tablets. Challenge human opponents from all over the world, team up with your friends, and become the ultimate Mobile Legends fighter.


  • Classic Maps: Join your friends in real-time 5v5 battles against other human opponents, fight on 3 lanes to destroy the enemy's tower. Moreover, you will find 4 jungle areas, 18 defense towers, 2 powerful jungle bosses, and much more.
  • Strategy: Block attacks to reduce damage, surprise the enemy, and heal your teammates. Choose the right heroes for your team, including tanks, marksmen, mages, assassins, supports, etc.
  • Easy Controls: The controls for Mobile Legends are very straightforward. There is a virtual joystick on the left and different skill buttons on the right. Thanks to the Autolock feature you will never miss when trying to shoot an opponent.
  • Matches: Matchmaking won't take longer than 10 seconds, so you can jump into the action almost instantly. Since battles last only 10 minutes they are everything but boring or repetitive.
  • Dropped Out? Reconnect!: If your connection goes down, you can be back online in seconds. And the good news is that, while you're offline, your character will be controlled by the built-in AI system to avoid 5 vs. 4 situations.

Age rating


Mobile Legends: Bang Bang been classified PEGI 12. It contains scenes of realistic looking violence towards fantasy characters.

Is Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Free?

This game is completely free to download and play. However, there are some items in the game that can be purchased for real money.

What is Mobile Legends VNG?

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang VNG (MLBB VNG) is a version of this game that was developed by Moonton specifically for the Vietnamese market. This particular version is a topic often spoken about in Mobile Legends communities, as it has several unique features that are not available in the international edition. If you are not based in Vietnam, but still interested in trying out Mobile Legends VNG, you can look for the APK file of this game (Android only).

What are the system requirements for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang?

  • Android: Android 4.1 or higher and 123 MB free storage space.
  • iOS: At least iOS 9.0 and 369 MB disk space.
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