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Thanx for your replay, i have never tought tath anyone will be there to read my mesange and repplay me, thanx to prove me wrong, in have now singed up here, my id is coldplay.parli . ok, abt my prob. yous said to update drivers, but i cannnot find any website to provide drivers for windows 7 , but i dont want to trouble you more, i have decided to go to the acer company and request a clean copy of windows vista.but i am not sure will they do so,. for me they will have to. because i cannot suffer more.. i had a computer , desktop , before i broke it mysself because it always restarts whjen i try to do something, i diid all i can do but unsuccessful and the ibought this one.............. but for my disappointment this also sucks. but i dont want to break it anymore becaose it is my first ever laptop and many thinggs of my life are attached to you....... what do yousay......... i got ur name is closeup22 as id........................ may iu know you a bit closer...... for i dont have a friend out there in internet of my type and we can be i thing if we want to.................. plz replay as u have done before.

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Jul 19, 2009 at 09:33 AM

if you are buying the Windows Vista from Acer company they will not refuse you and this will certainly solve your problem.

but before installing windows Vista, make sure to backup your information from the computer as they will be erased during the installation.

thank you.