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I know about and can translate.. i undersatnd the purpose of it.. but here is the problem.. someone hacked my hotmail.. i know who it is, he is on xbox live.. he spammed me to give it back.. then didn't blocked communication.. im getting impatiant.. but then i thought of this idea.. this website, right.. could only be used once.. he probable used it.. and it hacks them... so what if i hacked my old hotmail.. would it tell me the changed password? also... is it safe to hack my old password then change the password? if i could.. then how could i keep my email address without it getting hacked again.. how would i use to get it back safely without ruining it forever.. how do i gain access to my xbox live account.. please help


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Jul 23, 2009 at 10:03 AM
Dear sir,

please contact hotmail for more info about this problem.

please check the link below to contact Hotmail: