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When I boot my machine it gives an error " Script not found. Virusremoval.vbs missing" please suggest me the way to get out of it.

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when I start the PC it show the message can not find script file "C:\WINDOWS\system32\virusremoval.vbs"

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neeraj kumar jain
jaipur (india)
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When I start computer I get message "can not find script file windows\system32\virusremoval.vbs"
what can I do to solve this problem? pl suggest
Hi Did You get the Solution for this problem if yes please let me know I have got the same problem.
Would be very thankfulto you
thankssss.....bro its work.....
I get the same problem and find a solution as below:

1. From the start menu click 'Run' -> type 'Regedit'

2. Registry Editor will open

3. In the Registry Editor, go to Edit menu and press find

4. In the find dialog box type - virusremoval.vbs and press find next button
5. The search will end at some folder in the registry at the key - "userint"; doubleclick it; you will find many paths separated by commas - eg: c:windows/system32/userinit.exe,c:/windo... and so on. Among those paths you will find "C:\windows\system32\virusremoval.vbs". Delete the path. Ensure that remaining paths are unaltered so that your genuine scripts are not affected.

6. Press F3 (find next) to see if the same path exists somewhere else in your registry. If found again at some other place remove the path there also.

7. Repeat F3 until you get a message that search has finished.

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Awesome Work.
thanks alot for ur reply.This is very helpfull to us.
its realy work...thanks bro....

Thanks Buddy,

Well I had a similar issue. There was a 'windows script host' which was popping up every time I start my system which said "Cannot find file.vbs' which was in the folder Adobe Flash Player. and there was a rouge .exe file which was hogging 100% of my cpu process. it was RSS.EXE in the Adobe Flash Player folder so I uninstalled the Flash Player and then this 'windows script host' was popping up whenever I start my system.

Thanks for your suggestion I deleted the path according to your suggestion and it SOLVED my issue. Thanks a ton Usman Khan
hi usman khan! I have this problem in my computer, everytime I am opening it a Windows Script Host always pops up and says Can not find script file "c:\windows\system32\domz.vbs". Please help me!!!! thank you!
thats ur mistake
thanks I hope its works when I re start my PC....
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if it does not please make a new thread as you may not get any help from this one as the case has been solved ok buddy.
Just copy important files of ur c drive to another and format ur c drive