Is that due to a virus???

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since a few my pc speed has drastically reduced and it take long time too shut itself down,,,,is this due to a virus present in the system or not and if no what is it?

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Hello mrslash,

The speed of your PC can be slowed down by many factors.

First of all, have you been installing a lot of software, and putting it in you STARTUP GROUP ?

All software in the startup group loads at bootup, and is running in the background.

Second, have you been downloading a lot of stuff, perhaps from unsafe sites ?

Third, do you have any Virus Protection Software & Adware Protection Software installed ?

You can get the FREE Spybot Search & Destroy, and FREE version of Lavasoft's Ad-Aware, and FREE SpyWareBlaster programs from sites like CNET.Com & MajorGeeks.Com, or any other software sites.

Install and run Spybot Search & Destroy & Ad-Aware. They will identify the leading cause of a sluggish PC.
They will also assist you in removing this "adware" or "malware".

Spybot will also install a "BlackList" of Sites that are known to be sources of adware & malware & viruses.
SpyWareBlaster does not remove any adware or malware, but it puts anothe "BlackList" in your Regestry, just like Spybot does. You will want to use all THREE of these programs. Spybot Search & Destroy is totally free.
Ad-Aware is free for Single users, (like you), and has some features (that you don't need) un-available, unless you pay for the premium version (not needed). SpywareBlaster is free, unless you want it to keep itself updated automatically. All three of these programs have a feature where you can MANUALLY update the adware security files.
As for Virus protection, you can also download various FREE Versions, like AVG. They are bare bones, but they do a great job. You can also get professional versions of the most well known Anti Virus Programs on P2P download sites, like where you can get free .MP3 files, but unless your are a PC Geek, you take a chance of getting a bunch of viruses.
It is generally a no-no to assist anyone in getting copywrited software for free, on help sites like this.
It is OK to discuss it, but not OK to assist or advise how & where.

I hope this helps you, my friend.

The first thing to do is to download the 3 free programs I mentioned, install them, update the files, (with Spybot, also INOCULATE), then run each program. Stick with the default options with all of them until you better understand them.

Even if spyware or malware is not the entire problem with your PC slowing down, and giving a slow shutdown, you will need these programs, if you surf the World Wide Web.

The black lists I mentioned: They keep your PC from connecting to any of the listed bad sites. You can remove a site from the black list, if you really need to go there, but remember to practice safe surfing.....

Lot's of Luck. Let me know if you need more assistance.


If XP Pro, just use these Policies.

Hide these specified drives in My Computer

Prevent access to drives from My Computer


Hide Drives in My Computer

Prevent Access to the Contents of Selected Drives

copy the code below, paste it into notepad, and save it as "hide C.reg"
Not:- name of file is not important, you can use any name, but last 4
characters/extension in must. for example you can name it as "a.reg",
"asdf.reg" or "whatever.reg"
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

once a file is created, double click on it, it'll ask you to add
information into Windows Registry, Click OK.
Logoff, and log back in.
Now You can't see Drive "C".

To restore your drive again do the same, just use this code
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

Have a nice Day, I hope you'll love it.