Cannot open word or excel files

 the death -
I recently had a virus issue which was related to malware issues. I installed Malewarebytes Anti-Malware program at someone's suggestion. It quaranteed many files. I was then advised to do a system restore to a date earlier than the maleware issue. In doing so, I got Windows Installer - "preparing to install" everytime I tried to open a word or excel file with no luck in viewing the file.

I have tried installing Office Basic Edition 2003 but it won't install. Irecieve a message: Error 1913. Setup cannot update file: C:\WINDOWS\WIN.ini

Should I be purchasing new software or is there a solution to this problem?

I am not computer savy.

Please help!


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Hi Vern,

It may be because of the version of office that you saved your files and your actuel version of office that you have.

Best is to install Office 2007 on your computer.

You will be able to open your files , also please check your the file format.
10x for but i check it the format it 2003 and i have 2007 the exelfiles open but without swhowing the content?