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Microsoft Word is one of the most popular text editing and formatting pieces of software as it offers pretty much everything you need to allow you to create the text document you want. It is fully featured, versatile, and reliable.

What is Microsoft Word?

Microsoft Word is a text editor and word-processing software created by Microsoft in the early stages of software development. It has become one of the most used programs of its genre as it provides incredible features to create well-formatted and diversified text documents. It also features everything you need to collaborate with other people and boost productivity.

What are the key features of Microsoft Word?

  • Copilot: It combines the power of large language models with your data to transform your words and requests into real actions that completely change your workflow. Copilot can add content to your documents, rewrite sections or the whole text, summarize, and more. For example, you can ask Copilot, "Draft a three-page project based on the data from [a spreadsheet] and [a document]" or "Make the first paragraph more concise and change the tone to be more casual"
  • Text editing: Microsoft Word is much more than a simple text editor as it allows you to edit and format your text the way you want. You can manually or automatically change the text size, font, space, alignment, etc. You can also keep everything automatically formatted and organized thanks to the table of contents features that allow you to pre-format every kind of header, title, and sub-title with the proper font and size to ensure your text properties are congruent. It also provides many more features like text highlighting, text effects, conversion to web pages, etc.
  • Collaboration: Thanks to all the collaborative tools, you can easily collaborate and work with others. The Comments feature allows anyone you share the document with to leave notes that can be reviewed later and marked as resolved. You can also switch to Reviewing mode and track changes so that other people can see what modifications you suggested and then either accept them or not. It truly offers what you need when it comes to collaborating. Another essential feature is the ability to switch to online mode to make your document shareable with other people.
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  • Multi-format support: Microsoft Word supports a crazy amount of different element formats other than text. You can add all kinds of images, GIFs, videos, hyperlinks, tables, and more. You can even add 3D images and models. That way, you can enhance your document and make the most out of it with the type of content you want.
  • Auto-saving and synchronization: If you activate synchronization, the software automatically saves your file when you edit it. You will never lose your work anymore. You can also save your data to the cloud so that you can retrieve it and modify it on the fly no matter what supported device you use.
  • Macro: If you do a lot of repetitive tasks, you can save lots of time by creating and using macros and Visual Basic. From the most basic tasks like removing all hyperlinks in your documents and correcting transposed letters to advanced operations, you have everything you need to be as productive as possible.
  • Import and export: Microsoft Word is also compatible with various other formats as you can import from or export to many different formats. It makes Word a very versatile and cross-format ally.
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  • Spell-checker and translator: You can count on the built-in spell and grammar checker to make sure you fix all your typos before sending the document to other people. In addition, Microsoft created Translator, a feature that allows you to translate your document into any other supported language automatically. MS Word can also automatically detect all the different languages in your paper and suggest translations.
  • Learning tools: When making corrections or wanting to create minimal changes to any document, Microsoft Word allows you to open the Learning Tools tab and, play with the page color, text spacing, and make the program read the text out loud, and analyze the text without creating any significant changes.
  • Visual updates: Icons can be customized in the Top Menu search bar so you can decide which essential tools to keep within reach. In addition, it has a new search engine that can jump to any part of the document or find the tool the user is looking for.

How to use Microsoft Word?

You can find valuable courses online, as well as Copilot's explanation in this video or this article.

  1. Once installed, the Office software will teach you the basics, but you can also find more valuable resources like this tutorial video compilation. For any help related to Microsoft Word, you can ask your questions on the dedicated support page.
  2. Once you have created a document and want to save your progress, go to File > Save and name your document.

Is Microsoft Word free?

What you will get here is a 1-month demo. You can acquire Microsoft Word either by purchasing an Office license or by subscribing to a Microsoft 365 plan:

  • The Office license is sold as a one-time purchase, but you have to pay up-front and have no upgrade option, which means that you will have to pay at full price if you want to upgrade to a new major release.
  • The Microsoft 365 plan includes all the up-to-date Microsoft Office software in a single seamless, integrated experience. It also offers extra online storage and advanced collaboration features. With Microsoft 365, you no longer have to worry about using the latest version of your office software. Also, depending on your needs, Microsoft provides different plans for Microsoft 365, including Personal and family, Business, Enterprise, and Education. You can consult all the plans on Microsoft's official website.
  • Microsoft Word is also available for free as a web app for any Microsoft mail account you create, but it is not fully featured.

Is Microsoft Word safe?

Yes, Microsoft Word is considered a safe-to-use solution. However, it can use some of your data like any other Microsoft software. You can check the privacy policy.

Do you need a Microsoft account to use Word online?

Yes, you need a Microsoft account to use Word online.

Do I need Microsoft 365 to use Word?

No, you don't necessarily need Microsoft 365 to use Microsoft Word. For more details about the different ways to get Microsoft Word, check the dedicated "Is Microsoft Word free?" section.

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