Fujifilm [Solved/Closed]

 rhodeislandred -
how can i transfer the old pictures from my internal memory to my new sd card

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Hello there,

You just have to connect the device to your computer,

Save all the photos in a folder,

Then insert your SD card in a card reader connected to your computer

And copy all the photos in the SD card, which is found in My Computer

The other answer doesn't work. I tried it. Okay, this is straight from the manual AND I tried it and it worked:

Press Play/playback to view pics.
Press Menu. Under playback menu, scroll down to COPY. Hit OK. Press OK for or scroll to & then hit OK for "Internal Memory -> Card" and press OK. Press Frame or All Frames. Press OK. Done! :)

God Bless. John 3:16

la la, you are brilliant! Thank you so much! I've been looking everywhere to find out how to do this and it worked perfectly!