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Whats the difference between the 5800 XP and the 5800 Navigation ??

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Oct 1, 2009 at 12:28 AM
Dear Sarbel.vilo,

As you must have noted the two seems similar but the whole difference comes upon the visual.

The features don't differ in any way. The 5800 was conceived for music in an innovative concept

while the 5800 Navigation still contains the same thing but has in addition a larger lifetime walk

navigation and in addition voice guided drive licenses. The 5800 XP allows its user to have access

to a large variety of music from Nokia's store. Nevertheless the 5800 Navigation has more focus on

recent releases of Ovi maps for over 200 cities. In relation to what I have explained above, the

features of the 5800 XP is inclusive in the 5800 Navigation.

However there are additional features in the 5800 Navigation. If you are having trouble in choosing

between the two, I would be advising you to get at hand a 5800 Navigation.