Cant connect to network after router restart

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I have a linksys DIR 615. It works fine with my Vista laptop. However if i switch off my router and power it on again, my laptop cannot detect the network anymore. I need to restore the router back to factory settings and configure it again and it starts working fine again. It works fine till the time it is not switched off..

How can I fix this problem..pls help

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You should be able to save the running config to the startup config so it reloads it every time it reloads. Just run the command "copy run start" without the quotes.
This problem is very often with Vista users. You might check the distance of your laptop from the router. Or if the same problem to a different computer that is not using Vista, you might need to update the firmware of you DIR-615 router. By the way I'm a tech support guy for D-Link so we handle this situations almost everyday!
Could you please advise on the DIR-615 manual written on the language which average person like me would understand? I'm trying to to put LAN in my home and can't understand a thing from the manual that came with the router...
Thank you in advance
Hey, i am having the same problem with my laptop. I rencently took it to school and connected to there wireless internet and i was wondering if that might have something to do with it. I read your comment to some ones other post and read that you were an expert on D-link wire less internet / thats the wireless internet router i have, it would be great if you could help thanks.
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I have a D-Link DIR 615. I've completed all the steps according to the instructions but do not connect to any website and my laptop detects that I am connected to the network.

My laptop is an HP Pavilion dv6000 and the operating system is Windows Vista with Internet Explorer 7.

Would appreciate any assistance I can provide. If you are instructed in spanish much better.

Thank you.


Tengo un D-Link DIR 615. He realizado todos los pasos de acuerdo con las instrucciones, pero no me conecta en ninguna página web y mi laptop detecta que estoy conectado a la red.

Mi laptop es una HP Pavilion dv6000 y el sistema operativo es Windows Vista con Internet Explorer 7.

Agradecería cualquier ayuda que puede proporcionar.

Si tienen instrucciones en español mucho mejor.

I've read up.... to try to answer this question for u guys... now one reason why u guys are having problem is because the HP dv6000 doesn't support 802.11n ... it only supports 802.11b or 802.11g... In order for u guys to use ur router with ur HP Pavilion DV6000, u need to buy a 802.11n usb/ express card antenna

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The DIR-615 has a multi-broadcast for b/g/n. You shouldn't have to buy an N adapter to receive the signal from this router. If you Google for this issue, specific to the D-link DIR-615, you'll find it is an issue will many people. There may be a relationship with Vista, as I've read that for some people, XP PCs get an IP from the DHCP, but the Vista PCs frequently and randomly lose it.

I flashed the latest firmware for mine (Rev. C1/firmware 3.11) and, after a day of no problems, it's back to dropping my connection. I haven't found a solid solution anywhere on the net...yet. Still searching.
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Check your firewall settings.
See my recent message about an XP security upgrade that somehow shut off all router service.
hey guys, if u cant even manage your network configuration in vista or windows 7 , switch to xp . its the only way u can fix em.