Cannot ping computer on same network: Windows 10, Windows 7

Cannot ping computer on same network: Windows 10, Windows 7

With the advent of wireless technology, Wi-Fi is increasingly becoming the most preferred method of connection. With a Linksys router one can connect multiple PCs on a single network. Sometimes, however, you may find that can't ping a computer on same network. This issue is usually accompanied by an error message notifying you of a network timeout, in this article we will give a few methods to fix the issue.

How to ping a computer on the same network?

Check the ICMP settings

  • If you are unable to ping computer on same network, begin by checking the ICMP settings of Windows. To do so, click Start > Run > firewall.cpl > Advanced > Settings. The only option that should be checked is Allow incoming echo request.

  • Make sure that your changes are saved, and exit the window. You should now be able to ping other PCs on your network.

Note: This method should work for Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 7 and other versions of Windows. 

Disable the IPv6

  • Select the network icon on your taskbar and choose your network. 
  • Go to the change adapter options menu.
  • Select properties by right clicking on your connection.
  • Find the Internet Protocol Version 6 and then disable it. 

You may also need to do this on the other computers connected to your network. 

Temporarily disable your VPN

VPNs are becoming more common amongst internet users. In this instance, the VPN may be preventing you from being able to ping other computers on your network. You can check if this is the case by disabling your VPN and then trying to ping your computer. 

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