Troubles with wireless with WRT54GS router

ry - Aug 9, 2008 at 02:01 AM
 Wan Wizard - Jun 9, 2009 at 10:57 AM
Hello, I;m having troubles with my wireless connection using a WRT54GS wireless g 2.4 ghz with speed booster router. When i hook up the ethernet from my BRAND new comcast modem, the internet on my desktop works fine. Then when i hook up the wireless, the wired internet on my desktop and the wireless for my Dell laptop (M140) both do not work. I dont know if i hooked it up wrong or if its my router or what.

The way i hook it up is this, theres a yellow wire for my wireless router. Theres a white wire for my modem, they are both ethernet. I hook the yellow wire to the computer from the first hole port of the wireless router. Then, i hook up the white wire from the modem into the wireless router but into the hole that stands alone, or the internet hole. Is this the correct way to hook it up?

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hi buddy,
well as i can see youre connections are correctly done but tell me have you bought the wire already mounted or you have plugged the wires by yourself in the ethernet socket by yourself?
if its so have you well set the wires in the socket?
check whether its ok and also have you checked th IP address and subnet mask?
you can make windows repair the IP address by itself.

you can reply on the forum itslef

see you
hi blendax,
I have the same problem with cry, but it is a little bit different. Here is my network: I have a moderm Zyxel with 4-port lan and a router Linksys WRT54GS both have port-lan and wireless. I can access to the internet using port-lan from Linksys, but i can not access the internet using wifi.

So can you advise me a way to solve the problem?
Thanks a lot
Hi, i am having a connectin issue with internet stops working atleast 2-3x per day, and i have to unplug my router and immediately plug the power back in and it is fine, but i have to re-boot some of my software. Any idea why? or what i can do, thnx kris.
Kris, try to UPGRADE your router's firmware.
I had the same trouble with the linksys router. I resolved the problem by shutting down the linsys wireless control and getting the windows wireless configuration utility to configure my wireless network.
You will still have to disable the connection and select the repair option.
Your wireless network should now be fine,
If you still have problems (and I have had sometimes with other networks) uninstall all the software and reinstall the software BEFORE connecting your hardware.
Hope this helps