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  • D-Link DIR LX-1870 router power level

    Hello, I am wondering if the power level can be changed on the D-Link DIR LX-1870 wifi router. The web interface is quite different (very few opti...

    saso | Latest reply: saso May 02
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  • No WiFi for a week

    Hello, My daughter and autistic son have moved home. They have been told that their sky broadband will be connected next Wednesday. It is causing...

    stattovic | Latest reply: stattovic Feb 11
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  • WiFi Boosters

    Hello, We will be staying at an RV resort in Naples FL this spring. We have been told the Resorts WiFI is poor. I am asking is there a good device...

    Scott1313 | Latest reply: Scott1313 Jan 09
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  • How to install a Wi-Fi Adapter AC 1200

    Hello, Can you help me install a USB- AC 53Nano USB Wi-Fi adapter

    andremorno | Latest reply: andremorno Dec 16, 2021
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  • WIFI and WIFI Indicator light Won't Work Solved/Closed

    Hello, Recently on my Toshiba Satellite Laptop, the WIFI indicator light turned off and won't turn on neither would it connect to the WIFI. I troubl...

    Lola | Latest reply: Anon Sep 23, 2021
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  • Not getting a response regarding the complaint made.

    Hello, I m not getting the response regarding the complaint made that airtel wifi is not working registered. N have made the complaint on 22/9/21 m...

    Mahak | Latest reply: HelpiOS Sep 23, 2021
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  • WiFi is not working

    All green lights of modem are not working

    Pranav | Latest reply: David Webb Sep 3, 2021
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  • credit card charges for wifi Closed

    Hello, I have my credit card on auto pay set up in an account which in another friend's name . Now this friend exceeded the data usage and has i...

    xfinityuser245 | Latest reply: David Webb Aug 12, 2021
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  • RV wifi repeater Closed

    Hello, I use an RV regularly and while most campgrounds have WIFI it is often spotty or weak. I would like to attach a mobile router to an external ...

    Fastdraw45 | Latest reply: David Webb Jul 16, 2021
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  • How I can access my router login page ? Solved/Closed

    How I can access my router login page if I don't know my login IP address ! I tried this:

    hshs7129 | Latest reply: HelpiOS Jun 7, 2021
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  • Nepali server and nice pin for nepal Solved/Closed

    You should bring event and nepali server for nepal.why the pin of nepal is being high.we should give reason.when we ask you to need nepali platform yo...

    nishanbaskot... | Latest reply: Elena Keracheva May 18, 2021
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  • jw337 wifi usb dapter installation without cd Closed

    Hello My system doesn't have CD/DVd writter , i need to install without CD, My system model is Windows 7. Please guide us. Thank you.

    harinath | Latest reply: velmurugan May 9, 2021
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  • Free fire network connection Closed

    Hii, sir I send the email because my game is 999+ 6,7 game I play then automatically 999+ is coming what we do please tell me

    nileshgaikwad | Latest reply: David Webb May 7, 2021
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  • WIFI antenna / metal roof puzzle Closed

    Greetings, Been struggling with this for over a year, with different antennas/adapters. Need to pick up neighbor's wifi (2.4) directly across stree...

    TNjazzgal | Latest reply: David Webb May 4, 2021
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  • What will be the password of teracom Bsnl modem after resetting Closed


    Bsnl_ap | Latest reply: Bsnl_ap Apr 24, 2021
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  • Laptop can't connect to internet Closed

    Hello, The Laptop can not finde the Internet

    llady638@yah... | Latest reply: grorge441 Apr 23, 2021
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  • hp dv6700 wifi Closed

    HP Pavilion dv6700 Windows 10 I am having problems keeping pc WiFi connected so I replaced the WiFi adapter and tried the trouble shooter and var...

    skrambam | Latest reply: Me Apr 11, 2021
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  • PldtHomeWifi DH-725 connected but devices cant connect Closed

    Hello, Help! Our company provided us the pldt home wifi. It was working fine until today. The led incators are all on. Its showing its also connec...

    mariyaaa | Latest reply: David Webb Mar 29, 2021
    1 reply
  • wifi 5.4 Ghz support Closed

    Hello, On my Lap internet is slow, when I check, 5.4 Ghz not supporting, will the below spec will support wifi 5.4 Ghz, windows 7. Radio typ...

    Joe | Latest reply: David Webb Mar 24, 2021
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  • Avoiding some ISP nonsense.. ? Closed

    Hello everyone, Thanks for taking the time to read through this. I have a question regarding a situation that might be a bit weird, so here is the...

    ISP_suffering | Latest reply: David Webb Mar 22, 2021
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  • New Access Points Closed

    Hi Everyone, I just have a simple question, I have 2 ISPs connected to Mikrotik each having its own DHCP, I also have Two SSIDs on my wireless contro...

    Ahmed | Latest reply: Ahmed Mar 16, 2021
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  • WiFi range extender Closed

    I live in a coach house (all on one level which is up a staircase) and have a ring video doorbell which is downstairs and is the opposite end of the b...

    smudger2468 | Latest reply: therouterhelp Mar 12, 2021
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  • PROBLEME box 4g home Closed

    Bonjour, J'ai un problème avec ma box 4G HOME je téléchargeais un jeux avec une bande passante a 30mb/S et la d'un coup c'est passé a 0.1 pour temp...

    LELOUPDU69 | Latest reply: David Webb Feb 10, 2021
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  • timed out wifi Closed

    Hello, My vivo android doesn't want to connect with WiFi it says timed out

    Zee | Latest reply: David Webb Feb 2, 2021
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  • Wi-Fi problem Closed

    Hello, My wifi does not connect and it keeps on saying that my request has been timed out. The native device is connecting but all the other devices...

    Unknown | Latest reply: DeliQent Feb 1, 2021
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  • TERABYTE USB 2.0 WIRELESS 1000Mbps Closed

    Hello, I lost my CD that came with my wireless USB 2.0 adapter. Is there anyway I can install same on my new PC? Please help me.

    narukannoj | Latest reply: narukannoj Jan 14, 2021
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  • how to install terabyte gold model:w888mi driver without cd,1000mbps Closed

    Hello, how to install terabyte gold model:w888mi driver without cd

    kaushal | Latest reply: pankajbhalchakra@gmail.com Dec 26, 2020
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  • Bypassing Huawei Home WiFi Router Closed

    Hello, I recently had a Huawei WiFi home router installed in my apartment. Using another company was not an option, so I am stuck with Huawei whic...

    AndyJA | Latest reply: AndyJA Dec 18, 2020
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  • Wifi Antena Suggestions Closed

    I am in an apartment on the 2nd floor. I need to pick up a signal from across the road and then two or three houses over. What are my best options for...

    MarcelMarechal | Latest reply: daleishd Nov 21, 2020
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  • not receiving enough WiFi Closed

    Hello, Mine is Hp laptop and it doesn't receive enough WiFi even when in range and mobile hot-spot doesn't work when connected. How can I fix this...

    Stephy | Latest reply: Stephy Nov 18, 2020
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  • wifi router under $200 Closed

    Hi, Can anyone please suggest me a good router based on your experience under $200. It should have good range, planning on using 4k streaming an...

    reji_1987 | Latest reply: reji_1987 Oct 12, 2020
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  • Switch not Working any other solution Closed

    Hello, My laptop still not connected Wi-Fi connection

    Anil | Latest reply: David Webb Oct 1, 2020
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  • wifi connectivity Closed

    How can i connect my Epson L386 to the wifi. The light keeps blinking orange but never turned green. I need help, please.

    Abagaso | Latest reply: EdwardPorter Sep 8, 2020
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  • Wireless switch button not working Closed

    Hello, Hi my sony vivo laptop wireless switch was not working please solve the problem any other option to me

    Anilkumar | Latest reply: Abdullah_0491 Sep 8, 2020
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  • Need a wifi system for a 10,000 sq ft home Closed

    So my house is 10,000 sq ft as the title suggests and I honestly have no idea what I should do for its wifi. about 5 years ago, we had 5 apple air por...

    saarsurya | Latest reply: saarsurya Aug 20, 2020
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  • username and password Closed

    Hello, everytime I go to sign into my router homepage hhtp:// tells me its incorrect even tried the username and password given to me. H...

    cliftonkathy61 | Latest reply: Th4ac3 Aug 15, 2020
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  • Wifi connection issue Closed

    Hello, Problem with Wifi, it doesn't turn on at all and haven't found any switch to open config. 76.0.3809.132

    malik | Latest reply: stagbucarpruspe Jul 23, 2020
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  • Sometimes can't connect to WiFi Closed

    Hello, can someone tell me why laptops sometimes turn on Wifi but fail to search a near device and connect it???

    Respick | Latest reply: ViciousKing Jul 22, 2020
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  • WiFi limit sign Closed

    Hello guys I am from pakistan. I guess this is the right place to post this. OS - Windows 8 Peocessor: i7 (6th grnaration) Router: Asus I don't...

    zidijutt | Latest reply: zidijutt Jul 9, 2020
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  • Connection Speed Check Closed

    I do check my internet connection speed at fast.com. However, Is that the accurate result?

    fathersgrooming | Latest reply: HelpiOS Jun 27, 2020
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  • driver reg Closed

    Hello, My CD drive is not working hence i need to install driver 802.11n usb wifi adapter model no is OT-WUA600NM please help me

    Gopinath | Latest reply: HelpiOS Jun 21, 2020
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  • Improving the performance of my router Closed

    One of the main worries is that I have a router that performs really well but I don't feel like I am utilizing it to the maximum. I have a 100Mbps int...

    aloisegam | Latest reply: Manoj_7565 May 30, 2020
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  • stop people for using m wifi Closed

    Dear sir/madam how can i stop people for stealing my wifi

    Ceemaru | Latest reply: LePikaDuCoin_YT May 24, 2020
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  • Setting password on Airtel 4G Closed

    Hello, I have Airtel 4G modem (hotspot) on my laptop. I don't know to set the password for it. I am afraid that others might use it without my kno...

    edward | Latest reply: himanshu May 11, 2020
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  • Connect wifi to modem/wifi combo Closed

    We have whisper internet at work. It uses a modem/wifi router all in one. The internet connection is fine when using a LAN connection, but the Wi-Fi d...

    Pofarm | Latest reply: David Webb May 11, 2020
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  • How to remove encrypted wifi Closed

    Hello, how can I remove encrypted wifi?

    Sazzad | Latest reply: David Webb Apr 30, 2020
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  • Internet connection issue Closed

    Hello, I have started new Airtel connection day before yesterday but yesterday nd today connection is not there what should I do. I called customer ...

    Taani | Latest reply: Rajat16 Apr 29, 2020
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  • How to install wifi usb adapter without cd

    Sir I need to install wifi usb adapter. But I lost the cd. 950M wireless N mini usb adapter Model no. OT-WUA950NM

    ksara278 | Latest reply: Satyamqqq Apr 22, 2020
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  • What is a password BSNL_AP Closed

    What is password Bsnl ap

    Parthdetroja... | Latest reply: David Webb Apr 20, 2020
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  • Network security key Closed

    Hello, please , when i write a new password in the modem it becomes like this : https://imgur.com/a/dwdKheI how to make it like this : https://im...

    jones0167 | Latest reply: David Webb Apr 13, 2020
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