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Wireless Network Watcher is a robust network monitoring tool designed to provide users with granular insights into their Wi-Fi ecosystem. Following an initial swift scan, it meticulously catalogs all actively connected devices on your network.

What is Wireless Network Watcher?

Wireless Network Watcher is a utility designed to provide users comprehensive insights into their network activity. It conducts a rapid initial scan to identify all presently connected devices on a wireless network when activated. Subsequently, it switches to a continuous background scan, keeping a vigilant eye on any new devices that join the network.

What are the key features of Wireless Network Watcher?

  • Optimized scans: Once activated, Wireless Network Watcher initiates a swift, initial network scan to identify all currently connected devices. Subsequently, a continuous background scan is engaged to detect any newly connected devices. The background scan operates at a slower and less intensive pace than the regular scan, ensuring it doesn't strain your computer's resources.

  • Info retrieval: You can see a wide range of information for each computer and device connected to your network, including the IP Address, the Device Name, the MAC Address, the Network Adapter Company, the Device Information, the User Text, the Active state, the Detection Count, and the first and last times the device was detected.

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  • Interface: As it focuses on a very specific function, it can provide a very intuitive interface you will master instantly.

  • Export devices info: Additionally, you can export the list of connected devices into HTML, XML, CSV, or text files. Alternatively, you can copy the list to the clipboard and seamlessly paste it into applications like Excel or other spreadsheet software.

How to use Wireless Network Watcher?

This tool exclusively scans the wireless network to which you are presently connected and cannot extend its scanning capability to other wireless networks. 

  1. Once launched, click the start icon to start scanning your wireless network.
  2. As your wireless network is scanned, Wireless Network Watcher will list all computers and devices currently connected to your network.
  3. Click on the stop icon to stop scanning.

In exceptional instances, Wireless Network Watcher might fail to identify the correct wireless network adapter. In such cases, navigate to the Advanced Options window (F9) and manually select the appropriate network adapter. Despite its official focus on wireless networks, it's worth noting that this utility can also be employed to scan smaller wired networks.

Is Wireless Network Watcher free?

Yes, Wireless Network Watcher is free to use.

Is Wireless Network Watcher safe?

Yes, Wireless Network Watcher is considered safe to use.

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