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riah - Nov 15, 2009 at 10:02 AM
 Blocked Profile - Nov 16, 2009 at 06:53 AM
so this stupid virus got on my computer and i cant even do anything. it shut down all of my anti virus systems and i cant get it off. i tried opening task manager but when ever it opens, the tool shuts it back down.
i tried the support page thing some one mentioned, but it says its "unregistered" and everything.
HELP ME PLEASE! i cant do any other work on my computer because it keeps shutting it down!!

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Blocked Profile
Nov 16, 2009 at 06:53 AM
Dear Riah,

This should actually be a demo version of the application and hence you can

uninstall it completely and then install a complete version of the application

for it to work properly on your system.

Thank you.