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ChipGenius is a very handy utility tool to display meaningful data about your USB devices. Through its simple interface, it can seamlessly extract information and help you in case your device is malfunctioning.

What is ChipGenius?

ChipGenius is a small and portable utility tool that can instantly retrieve pieces of information from your USB devices. As it works even in case your computer does not recognize your devices, it can help you diagnose potential device issues. Think about it: defective devices may cause data loss or corrupted data transfers.

What are the key features of ChipGenius?

  • Interface: ChipGenius interface only shows you what matters, which is the complete list of all the USB devices and controllers, and the details about the currently selected device.
  • Problem detection: What makes it powerful is that it can access your devices even if they are not recognized or detected by Windows and displayed in Explorer. Then, it will show you relevant information that may explain why your device is malfunctioning.
  • Versatility: It can handle all your USB flash drives, USB hard drives, and all your other devices via a USB cable.
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  • Relevant specifications: It can retrieve pertinent information about your USB device, like the processing speed, date of installation, serial number, or protocol version.
  • Export: Once the device has been analyzed and the potential issues diagnosed, you can quickly copy and paste all the information to create a dedicated report file.
  • Standalone: There is no need to install ChipGenius, just run it and carry it wherever you go as a utility tool.

How to use ChipGenius?

  1. Launch ChipGenius.
  2. Plug your USB device into your computer.
  3. In ChipGenius, select your USB device on the top panel.
  4. On the bottom panel, consult the pieces of information that have been retrieved.

Is ChipGenius free?

Yes, ChipGenius is free to use.

Is ChipGenius safe?

Yes, ChipGenius is considered safe to use.