Nokia 2330 - Reset security code [Solved/Closed]

Arpit - Nov 16, 2009 at 07:57 AM - Latest reply:  Amit
- Feb 3, 2013 at 09:50 AM
i have forgotten my phone security code and I want to lock the phone can anyone tell me how te reset the security code so that it become default as it was in starting
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Thank you
12345 :)

Thank you, charlotte 126

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thats the nokia security code :)
thanks charlotte for code worked like a charm for my nokia 2330

tony fernandes-newport south WALES UK
worked for me to
hi I forgot the security code for noki 2330, phone is not getting off, what is the solution?
Thank you
go on and search "Security mastercode calculater" type in ur IMEI and get the master code
Thanks. This was very useful.
Hello,I have one idea about unlock or lock your Nokia memmory compatible phone with out any cost.If this is work Just pray me to the god.Go to to utilities and download security unlocker.Just install it to the memmory card using other phone like Nokia N70.And swich off your phone which is locked.Put the memmory cardwhich have installed software and swich on the phone your phone's security code will be changed to the 12345.And you will unlock it.After unlocked you want remove this one from your mmc using application manager.If you want lock your phone after switched on go to the settings,security settings,and phone lock code enter 12345 if you want change this change that.I remember you that after using this remove it from your phone.When downloading and installing this Irecommend you that you should off the antivirus softwares of your phone.Just help other and say thanks to Email Id removed for security .Help me for more findings.If you have a good mind keep me calling and mailing.
Hi I tried to use the security mastercode calculator with no luck! : ( I don't know what's happened with my phone but this is really starting to upset me. I have valuable contacts that I do not want to loose.. any ideas? Send me an email on Email Id removed for security
it hasn't work so what can I do now?
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Thank you
Please refer to the following FAQ regarding your phone's unlocking :

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Thank you
I;ve lost my security code .Need master security code for my 6300 handset. IMEI:3569/01/439731/4
My Mail ID:Email Id removed for security