Samsung reset code: keypad, factory settings, number

Samsung reset code: keypad, factory settings, number

Samsung phones are equipped with specific security codes that protect the information stored inside. This article provides the codes that need to be dialled on your keypad to restore your phone to its factory settings with the Samsung hard reset code, also know as the Samsung master reset code.

How to reset the Samsung security with your keypad? 

Using the codes provided below, the Samsung keypad reset code will revert your mobile password to the default password of 0000. Please dial one of the two Samsung secret codes numbers below to reformat your phone:

  • *2767*3855# Samsung factory reset code. This resets to factory settings. It will wipe all of your data, custom settings and apps.
  • *2767*2878# - This resets and restarts your device, and keeps all of your data.

The security code number should now be reset to 0000, or the default code for your device (this may differ and should be written down on the packaging of your mobile) allowing you to change the code to a number of your choice.

What is the reset code for older Samsung mobiles?

If you are using an older Samsung device, one of their so called legacy models, there is a different code to enter:

  • #*7728# - The Samsung keypad mobile reset code for older devices.

This code should work on devices before 2010, although if this code doesn't work, you can always try either of the above codes, as recent software updates may have changed the code. 

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