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I have a Nokia E71 and am able to upload pics off it onto my PC but only the pics that are saved on my memory card. I have so many pics and videos that were somehow saved to my "phone memory" that will not show up in my uploader everytime I connect my phone to my PC. PLEASE HELP??? I need to get this stuff onto my PC asap!
Thanks in advance!!

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Dear Sir,

If you are having such trouble, I will advise you to copy the files on your phone

memory to your memory card and hence have the problem solved. It will cost you

less than some five minutes to perform the task. It is perhaps because you don't

have your PC Suite installed on your PC for experiencing such trouble. You should

have the PC Suite installed on your PC for being able to copy the files from your

phone to your PC.

Thank you.
Thank you

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Thank you LouisSteph! If you know how I can do that on my Nokia E71 I would be grateful for the advice. I've tried looking in my phone on how to do copy files on my phone memory to my memory card, but couldnt find how to do it. Thank you again!

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