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am using e71 pro china mobile. i want to know,
1. which pcsuite i can install to use my mobile for internet, if you have any pcsuite for china mobioles send me in my mail or as an link give me a details sir
2. am using aircel so i want to use pocket internet, subscriber is asking for model no. to subscribe pocket internet whether i want to get manual connection or shall i say its nokiae71, whether both the software we can use it.
3. in my china e71 i want to use internet also i want to use it via my system this is all i want to know kindly help me out in doing this.

thank you

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Dear Sandeep,

There is no PC Suite yet conceived for this particular phone. There

is also no software or application that the phone supports. You can

only use the phone as a USB Mass Storage Device.

Thanks in advance.