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Logic Pro X is a Software dedicated for professional music production, you can record instruments in the studio, voice, or any sound coming from external sources and transform them into your music. It includes a wide range of instruments, sounds and possibilities of mixing to create simple and professional songs.

Key Features

  • With the latest update, Logic Pro X offers the possibility to have more than 1,000 audio, instruments and channels, MIDI tracks, all in real time and runs five times more plug-ins as the previous version.
  • Drummer offers realistic and professional drum tracks that respond to your commands and can execute millions of different rhythms in all kinds of styles, such as rock, alternative, singer-songwriter and R&B.
  • Logic Pro X presents a large collection of synthesizers and keyboards adding new instruments. The new Retro Synth let you experience some of the most famous classic synth sounds of the '70s and '80s, and Vintage Keyboards offer realistic models of electric pianos, B3 organs and harpsichords with sophisticated sound shaping controls.
  • With an updated collection of loops and more than 1,500 instruments The Logic Pro X includes a new and renovated Sound Library
  • There’s an assistant musician that can guide you through the compositions, mixing and productions of different songs and instruments by giving suggestions, modifications and answering questions.

Is It Free?

Apple offers a 90 day free trial of the software, afterwards, the price is 199.9$

Is It Safe

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