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Mixcraft is a digital audio workstation (DAW) developed by the Acoustica company that lets pro and new users design and create music with professional quality results. It is fast, simple to use, and allows you to save lots of time with lots of automation and composition features. Here we provide you with a free demo of Mixcraft so that you can discover its features and learn how it works.

What is Mixcraft, and what is it for?

Mixcraft is a digital audio workstation (DAW) with multiple tools and features that allow you to work on your music productions at a professional level. The application provides you with all the necessary tools to create and record acoustic and electronic instruments. You can also edit, mix, and seamlessly add rich and various effects on multiple channels. In a few words, Mixcraft empowers you with a stunning and well-designed music creation solution used by many professionals.

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What are the key features of Mixcraft?

  • Handy interfaces: Mixcraft offers a simple-to-use, clear, and affording interface that allows you to be efficient as you will be able to detach and position all the available panels the way you want.
  • Instruments and effects: Mixcraft includes a vibrant and diversified package of effects and virtual instruments, including sampled instruments, classic synthesizers, electric pianos, and organs. We can even find fundamental effects for mixing songs such as compressors, filters, reverbs, and equalizers. Finally, note that Mixcraft includes a list of additional plugins from other brands such as iZotope, Melodyne Essentials, and Voltage Modular Ignite, among others.
  • Sound library: The integrated library contains over 7500 loops, special sound effects, as well as professional-quality percussion samples. You will be able to use and enhance all of them to create stunning masterpieces.
  • Brand new Mixer: Thanks to the new mixer tools, Mixcraft gives you even more control over all your effects on every channel. It features Compressor, Oscilloscope, Spectrum Analyzer panels, new Gain Drive, Parametric EQ, and lots more.
  • More automation: Thanks to the advanced but very easy-to-use curve system, you will be able to create complex and smooth curves for all types of automation. There are also new tempo and pitch automation tools to perform automation on all audio clips and create fine-tuned smooth transitions. So unleash your creativity and let the software do the job with those features.
  • Piano Roll: Thanks to the ultra-fast velocity editing, you will be able to easily select notes and choose their velocities to compose with complete control over the notes. In addition, the new paintbrush tool empowers you to change note lengths when you add or modify your composition. Click, drag, seamlessly add the piano to the game, and create simple-but-complex and beautiful tracks.
  • MIDI Scores: Mixcraft allows you to compose and write using different methods. You will be able to make MIDI note recordings in real-time or step by step, fine-tune, and even use automation tools to compose unique sounds.
  • Editing and compatibility: Mixcraft lets you edit your audio the way you want and cut, stretch, or crossfade with little effort. You can then export your work in the most popular formats, including MP3, WAV, and lots more.
  • An amazing Vocoder: Yes, Mixcraft also features dedicated Vocoder tools that allow you to convert your voice into sounds. Tune the various vocoder settings in a single click and add your stunning instrumental voice version to your creation.
  • Video editing: This may be one of the most significant differences of Mixcraft compared to its competitors as it also features several video edition tools, including cutting, fades, transitions, and titles. That is awesome.

Is it free?

You can use this demo version for 14 days. If you wish to keep using the software, you will need to purchase the full license. It is worth buying regardless of the price.

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