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Music production solutions now offer a wide range of artistic and technical solutions. Samplitude Pro X, designed for all kinds of users, provides quality tools for any kind of audio production, from basic ideas to final projects.

What is Samplitude Pro X?

Samplitude Pro X is a music production program developed by the German company MAGIX, which also distributes audio editing solutions such as SOUND FORGE, ACID Pro, and VEGAS. This software provides digital audio recording, editing, post-production tools, and virtual instruments that you can use to compose and arrange any type of musical style. Compared to other programs from the same company, Samplitude Pro X is designed to achieve professional-quality results thanks to its editing tools and multiple effects.

What are the key features of Samplitude Pro X?

  • Recording: Samplitude Pro X offers an almost unlimited number (up to 999) of digital audio tracks and 256 inputs and outputs, which is more than enough to handle large projects. By the way, your recordings can be made in the most popular digital audio formats using common audio qualities from 16-bit to 32-bit floating point and sample rates up to 384 kHz.

  • Editing: Regarding the editing workflow, the flexible coupling options and intuitive tools will help you achieve professional-grade results efficiently. Also, Samplitude Pro X allows you to fade in and out individual curves, modify independent volumes, and trim or extend sections.

  • Instruments: You have access to many virtual instruments (both modern and classic) to combine with your recordings and glow up your compositions. A MIDI controller is required to unleash the potential of all the available instruments, including Century Keys, Jazz Drums, Upright Bass, Lead Synth, Analog Synths 2, Electric Piano, Rock Drums, Bass Machine, Orchestral Ensemble, Cinematic Synth, Pop Drums, Solo Cello, Jazz Guitar and a group of 12 small percussion instruments.

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  • What's new: Samplitude Pro X7 brings several new features, including new search functions, an improved export workflow, support for Softube Console 1 & PreSonus Faderport, an improved design, precise crossfade editing, and a more flexible editor. Also, the overall performance has noticeably improved as the new version has a graphics acceleration that is 20 times faster than the previous version.

  • Additional add-ons: If you purchase Samplitude Pro X, you can also access additional add-on programs such as SOUND FORGE Pro, the new SpectraLayers Pro from Steinberg, two new iZotope elements, and other powerful instruments.

How to use Samplitude Pro X?

Samplitude Pro X offers various video tutorials to help you get started with the program and take advantage of its full potential and various essential music production techniques.

Is it free?

We provide here a 30-day trial you can use for free. If you want to keep using it afterward, you can purchase one of the available licenses.

What are the differences between Samplitude Pro X and Samplitude Music Studio?

Samplitude Music Studio, Samplitude Pro X, and Samplitude Pro X Suite are three different versions of the same program, designed for different audiences with different needs. Samplitude Music Studio is a more accessible version with fewer features but a list of exciting tools perfect for learning all the basics. Samplitude Pro X and its Suite version are similar programs, but the Suite version includes more virtual instruments and more effects, providing more tools for mixing and mastering. You can find more specific information by browsing the product comparison on the official website.

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