DVI to HDMI display is poor on Sanyo DP26649

David - Dec 21, 2009 at 05:57 PM
 brquak - Sep 8, 2010 at 10:08 AM

I got a Sanyo DP26649 LCD TV and hooked up my media center PC to it. When I connect the PC cable, it works fine. I got an DVI/HDMI cable and plugged it into the first HDMI port (labeled DVI). Whe I do that the display is a small square in the middle that flickers a ton and has text that is tough to read.

The resolution is unchanged (1360x768). The refresh rate for the DVI/HDMI cable says 60hz(interlaced) while the pc cable doesn't say interlaced.

Any suggestions on how I can make the DVI/HDMI cable work?

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Try a different cable, the TV doesn't support interlaced at that resolution, Interlaced is only meant for 1920X1080i resolutions(which it DOES support).
A different cable supporting progressive resolution 720p-1080p should work, hope this helps. Also you could try using a lower resolution ie. 1280X720, thats what the TV signals are broadcasted at.
Make sure your PC has the same output resolution as your tv, it could be set to 480i or p, which is causing the crazy writing and scrambled text.
thats not the tv, its your computer. DVI can only put out a certain frequency. So even though you have it hooked through a converter, it still wont be fast enough that it is equal to a hdmi male and female chord.