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Hello, I have got a new BW850 Panasonic recorder. How can I burn the contents of previously recorded music on HDD to cds on this machine? I can burn brodcast programs from HDD to cd--but I cannot do the same for music on HDD.
I got 500 music cds and want to have my selections of songs burnt on a blu ray disk from the machine's internal HDD.
Please enlighten me.

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hi there,

refer to the manual book if it has a writer

if yes then you will also get the information

how to burn them to cd

Hi Dancedhall
This machine is a blu ray RECORDER. Once I put audio cds in the machine and record it on its internal HDD, later I cannot burn the same on another cd on the same machine. The JUKE BOX program of the machine does not allow me to choose the AUDIO contents of the previously recorded audio to be burnt on any other cd.
The manual does not say anything about it. I would like to know if I can do it in some clever way.