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I unintensionally, deleted the disk cleanup, and the defragment system icons.
how can I retreive the. Please be secific I am just a novice
thx, jrs

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Dear Yoby,

Please try carrying out a system restore

to see if the problem gets fixed.

Thank you.
THX disturb, is there any other way to restore the icons because I will loose apps during restore, or the inevitable, is restoring the only way to do it?
again, thx for your time


Dear Sir,

Please try right clicking on the desktop and get

to Arrange icons by and check or uncheck Show

Desktop icons to see if the problem gets solved.

Dear Disturbed

The system icons in question are those on the start menu especifically the disk cleanup and defrag icons respectivey.

thx, Yoby

Have you tried removing the Start Up items and then adding them?