My supernova 7210

 anthony -
my supernova 7210 has been giving me lots of battery problem. It run down charge very fast, when i plug the phone, it does not take up to 30minute before it shows battery full even when its completely empty. I have change several battery, but the problem keeps reapting itself. But the phone don't get hot at all. And atimes, it will switch itself off & on itself again. What do i do?

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Dear Mart Lee,

Please have the battery replaced by a new one in

order to stop having such problem.

Thanks in advance.
that's the same case that happened to me...

i've changed the batery 3 times...

i've bought 2 original and 1 fake + the stock battery when you buy a new 7210...

when the battery is drained it doesn't charge anymore....otherwise i used desktop charger to charge the batteries.. but when i used the original charger, it drains the battery, turning it off but the status is CHARGING.