Bob - Feb 1, 2010 at 09:36 AM
 Blocked Profile - Feb 2, 2010 at 03:53 AM
Sir..when i turn on my computer thare are nothin on my desktop exept mydocument that alredy being open by it to solve this prob sir?i want my pc become to normal.!.im despred!plis help me..

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Blocked Profile
Feb 2, 2010 at 03:53 AM
Hi there,

Seems you are infected,i will advise you to make a system restore to previous dates to get it work as before,to proceed for making system restore follow these steps:

*press on start>programs>accessories
*press on system tools and open system restore,
*in system restore select an earlier date when was working fine without the problem,then press next and wait ,then restart .