D-Link 514 router with Time Warner modem

Himay - Feb 6, 2010 at 05:51 PM
 maine_c86 - May 26, 2010 at 05:38 AM
I have a D-link 514 wireless router connected to a time warner modem. I'm receiving an excellent signal from the router on both my laptop and my desktop. But still cannot get internet access. Is it the router or the modem causing the problem. My desktop is a mac and the laptop is a pc with windows xp. It's almost as if the router is not accepting the cable signal from the modem. Please help. It's driving me nuts!!!

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Personally the easy way is to hit the reset button on your router.Afterward you might try to look for the router and it might appear then disappear or you'll try to connect but it says could not connect because of low frequency.

This is normal , now the next part messing with the broadband cord.Leave the cord in the computer , detach the one on the modem and place it into one of the four broadband plug slots on the router.(Making sure it's not plugged into wan port near the power slot).

You will know you have connected your computer to the router because the broadband plug will be blinking on the computer and you'll see a light or one blinking on the router.


For the next part you've got to know your router address.It can be found sometimes on the bottom of the router saying 192 . 163 . __ .__ Which should be typed into your internet browser.Your user name might be [admin] and password might be [password] , it can differ.

Almost there , now it should ask would you like to setup your router you might hit yes and it fails saying it can't find an internet connection(again this is expected).

Now you just take out the broadband cord that's in the computer and place it into the cable modem and on the router place the cord into the WAN Port near the power plug.And retry with the router hopefully setting itself.(This worked for me when setting up my netgear router to timewarner's cable modem.)Following whatever instructions you should now be able to see your network appear and be able to connect.


Hopefully this helps or leads into the right direction , because I have looked online and not found anything in this much detail about this issue.And their might be easier ways , but this is what worked for me.

And just to cover myself make sure everything is connected to the modem and router and their both on.