Dell inspiron 1564 webcam application problem

 simo -
when I open the dell webcam application, its showing me a comment "Close other streaming application to start video". I closed all other applications also and tried it but did not work. Anyone please help me in solving this problem.....

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Dear Raghu,

There some applications that are using the webcam and these are conflicting with it. You should close other applications in order to have it working smoothly.

Thank you

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download the driver,
end the process whioch are suspicious to u in the task bar
like everytime I get a new solution for the problem
like evevrybody know the webcam is to slow so try to open it and go to setting and put face tracking and put contunious and put speed mode slow then is ganna work very good this is an other solution and dont forgate the answers of curse see you next time with a new subject
Please close all IMs like yahoo messenger, msn, skype, google talk etc and try again.

If you choose IM mode, it will work with the above.
If u choose capture mode, we need to close all of those above applications.
i get the solution go to internet and down the directx and see the result then answer me

Dear Hassan,

Please get the driver that you are looking for from the following address:

haii thank you