Make a bootable cd with nero 8

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Hello, I've made all the data for a complete ghost32 and I want to burn them into a cd so that I can later use it for booting, but I knid of having trouble to make it with nero 8, can you tell me how? thanks.

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You can use Nero8 Burning Rom For creating a bootable CD. The boot image file(.IMA) is already present in the nero folder in program files.
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> Piyush
How to make bootable cd with nero8
hey can you tell me how to make a bootable cd with nero8
Could u tell me the full path of the file that u have mentioned???
On mine it's "C:\Program Files\Nero\Nero8\Nero Burning Rom\DosBootimage.IMA"
how to use this disc image file....
Nero 8 Can not create bootable Disk but you can do it this way :
Seriousily ??? What else should we be using to burn ISO files to bootable DVDs ?
> Merk13
image burn bro, its free and works great for iso burning.
i cant make abootable cd with nero 8
download a bootable vista iso and install demon tool and import the iso the demon tool is create a virtual drive and then use nero there is a option copy cd to cd and also dvd to dvd
I could not answer the" bootable CD with nero" that I had problem trying to use.
I do use successfully the "Norton System" bundle that includes the "ghost image backup" that works well.
After you create an image, save it on CD (or HD etc),
It boots from CD ( DOS GUI) Then follow easy to use options.Takes 2 or 3 cd's (one DVD).
and you can put your System back in 10 to 20 minutes un-attendant (or with more programs and files 20 to 35 min)
clean cut (hard drive been totally erased and only the image it is in).
you will need a winrar and create a new archive select r
I want to make back up CD for Window XP.
anyway the system that I applied is ntfs, does it work to run the dos gui? thanks again
The Norton GHOST it is a self booting, DOS based standalone program, in which you create an image from the Windows 98 or XP which image you store in Hard Drive,usb memory stick etc., or (best ) on CD's . You follow few easy instructions.
I didn't have a computer for some weeks and today I checked my e-mail.
I forgot to mention that I was using for burning the "ROXIO" Easy CD Creator 5.35 Basic 2003.(the old classic).
which works best and that I always have problems with Nero which I don't use.
I don't have nero but I am pretty sure it will work on ntfs because the dos application made by nero should have ntfs drivers that enable it to read ntfs file systems
hai I am vamsikrishna iwant know about bootable cd and how to create it

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