New window virus (MountPoint2 virus) [Solved/Closed]

 sriram -

whenever I double click my local drives they open in new window.
plzzzz tell me how to get rid of this.

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thk yu so mch... deleting the mountpoints2 in regedit is wrkin...
Thank you

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ATTRIB -H -S -R c:\Autorun.inf
if the file is found in the Drive then give.
DEL c:\Autorun.inf.
similarly you can do it for all adding d:\ or e:\
& if you dont want this trouble again just write MKDIR c:\autorun.inf for each drive, this will create folder so that virus can't attack again if it already exist.
I had also faced the same problem ,i did n no. of things but finally I got resovled it .

open -Run-Regedit-HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Directory\shell Type OPEN in the File data box, click OK, and exit the registry editor.

THAT'st Your problem have been solved.

Good Luck
its a virus .it makes autorun files in every drive.
u install avast 4.8 & update it
this will solve this
i installed avast home edition but it does not update at all , I tried clickin on update but nothin happens...and I am sufferin from same prob every time I click on any drive it opens in new window....
thanks its working
That's standard Windows behavior. Right click and choose "Explore" that may be the screen you want.