My ordeal with HP TX 1003

Nils - May 23, 2010 at 07:11 AM
 Blocked Profile - May 23, 2010 at 09:12 AM
I bought a second hand Tx1000 in dec last year..

Loved it at first.
But within a month it started to die...

same problem...
although there wasnt a single problem with wi-fi or others..

jst the no boot..

but it used to boot after i let it off for 5 mins or so..

then being a curious programmer i got into the forums..
an dto my horror found out the real problem.....

GPU thing..

Tried the towel trick, it worked.
slowly the lappy started to recover..
it would require jst 2 reboots to get working..

sometimes 5mins of power, then 5 mins of cooling - then it would reboot on 2nd attempt

it got even better in the winter of january in India..

Now it would boot normaly on first attempt..

but slowly it started to behave erraticaly..

i would use the JKL trick.
on off trick
palm trick
n it would work.

n ew problem started
on booting xp- the screen would display something awry
stripped lines, sometimes garbled signals
since rebooting was always a problem..
so to get the video in expected way i had to reboot 5 times

used speedfan
cpu1 started to shoot up at 65c constant , it used to hower around 50
cpu2 would always fluctuate between 60-80

cleaned the vents
it worked to cool it off..

but eventually it started dying.

and it finally got down in march this year
for a month i left it alone'
read a reply..
let it warm inside a towel for 3 hrs..
bingo it worked....

took all the back up...
used a cooling pad..
booted with windows 7 (use 5 diff OS)

didnt turn it off for 8 days

but then decided to do so..

tried restarting it worked...
cpu2 was back at the normal 47c even on restart

next morning
booted fine with xp
but cpu2 shooted to 65c straight away

tried reboot
again 65c

again reboot- It crashed
and hasnt booted since..

I mean i have tried at least 20 tricks with my lappy
but now im feeling real down..

i have many conclusions that may help others..
i dont have the courage to try out the penny trick..
i am a master at programming languages...

even developed a technical support site on my same HP within 2 months..
but i feel greatly disheartened as i cant use it at home...
my desktop is a P3,
dont want to invest on computers at the moment..
i just needed a Laptop
that would suffice my development requirements

i feel realy down
This was one of the gravest mistakes of my life to
buy a second hand HP TX 1000...
if anyone wants to discuss the conclusions that i have derived
after using tricky tricks, i m open...
good Luck

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Blocked Profile
May 23, 2010 at 09:12 AM
Hi there,

Ill advise yu to format the system and reinstall all fresh .