New video card, but no post

skd916 - Jun 8, 2010 at 10:46 PM
 mikey0001 - Jun 9, 2010 at 05:18 AM
So i just bought an ASUS 5830 and tried installing it but, it doesn't post fully and would go into a black screen.

my follow specs are:
windows 7 pro
intel q9550
gigabyte ep45-ds3r mobo
8gig corsair pc6400 ram
antec 650w psu
previous video card evga 9800gtx+


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I have had a lot of issues with video drivers in the past and 1 thing i found is that i had to do a full removal of the .inf files and all associated drivers of the old card prior to putting in the newest card and adding new drivers. Hopefully your old card still works so you can switch it back and try running a program like driver sweeper.

i used to use driver cleaner pro but it seems to have long been abandoned since 2006.

this one is last years but is far more current and would more than likely find the orphaned files after you have taken the time to uninstall your old drivers. Use this program in safe mode as they say at the link and then also try to make sure you have the newer drivers waiting on your desktop for the new card afterward in-case there is any issue and you have to try and install them in safe mode.

This is required every time you would add a new card or newer drivers just to be sure there are no conflicts but it is definately needed going from nvidia to ati cards or vice versa where they have completely different drivers and software.

Hope this helps some.